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Published 01/06/2011


Event photographers have a veritable arsenal of equipment and advice at their disposal, as Gavin Stoker discovers

Event photography covers a wide spectrum of subjects and is oft portrayed as a fast way to make an easy buck. Whilst that's an over simplification, the facts are that there is at least the potential to make a decent return on time invested. That is if you're forearmed with the best advice and most effective equipment. Having canvassed those in the know, that's where we come in.


The most important aspect to get right when it comes to event photography is workflow. You might have taken the picture of your life, but unless you can rapidly turn that into a saleable commodity, it's worthless. Therefore when it comes to choosing a print solution, it's not just quality of output, but speed that's important. A printer that is portable and easy to set up on the fly is also crucial.

Fujifilm Marketing Manager Peter Wigington flags up the 'old favourites' of the ASK2500 and ASK4000 printers as being ideal accomplices to any event photographer. "Both still sell strongly and are much appreciated by event photographers countrywide," Peter reasons.

Suggested pricing is £1,295 for the ASK2500 and £2,450 for the ASK4000 (both plus VAT), although dealers may well offer extra incentives. Plus it's worth bearing in mind that after one or two particularly profitable events, the kit may have paid for itself.

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